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Danyel feat. Marty Townsend

“Who’s the King?”

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dannyDanyel (real name Danny Bloebaum) wrote his first song when he was 14 years old. Eight years later he won with his band - The Tuxedos - The National Belgian Rock meeting, which resulted in his first record deal. The band performed on several festivals like for example 'The Lokerse Feesten'. Once the Tuxedos were the opening act for the Dutch band Golden Earring.

End of the eighties Danyel wrote the anti-Aids song 'Save The Tears' which was recorded with some well know Belgian musicians. On the international Aids Day, the song was shown on seven European television channels. Against all odds, no record was released because of political issues and the reluctance of record companies because of it's topic. Nevertheless new plans are being made to accomplish a wordwide release.

Together with Fonny De Wulf, Danyel had a few releases in Japan and later on he moved on to writing songs for different artists. Some of his songs were sold in Japan, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Worldwide about 1.000.000 c.d.'s were sold with Danny's name on there as a composer/author. You can find more info on the world wide web concerning these releases.

A few years ago Danyel wrote a song in the Antwerp dialect called 'Antwerpen - ik hou van A'. It was written for the competition 'Hymn for a city' (ode aan 't stad). He performed the song with a band called 'Cook n' I' and they were in the final, which was broadcasted on ATV (Antwerp television Channel)

Lately, he's been working together with Marty Townsend (ex Blue Blot guitar player and producer). Antony Masters worked along on the lyrics. You can listen to the result of their collaboration on this website. Also, you will find the clip for 'Who's The King' on the video page.

A fortune teller stated that one day, some of Danyel's music will be recorded and performed by some major artists. Family and friends surely hope that this fortune teller was worth his money.